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90 Seconds to Impact: Building Influence and Driving Career Success


Imagine this - you arrive to work and are told you no longer have a job. Now what do you do?

This is the unfortunate reality people at all levels within an organization are at risk of experiencing, yet most people are unprepared to handle such an abrupt change in employment status, especially in this “new normal” economy where it can take 18+ months to replace a job. So the question is – what can you do to maintain career success in such a challenging economic climate? sardek love

The true story of one man’s journey from abrupt termination of employment to re-employment within 30 minutes of termination that has since allowed him to become highly sought after for his skills and abilities will serve as the backdrop of this session.

How did he do it? Find out in this session presented by Sardek Love as part of our Career Development track.

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